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Please follow these instructions to ensure the correct installation of your new graphics.


Step 1 IMPORTANT: Always start with clean (preferably new) plastics.
To clean use methylated spirits ONLY.Ensure the plastics are thoroughly dried before installation.

Step 2 Cut a 10mm strip off the backing paper on the end of the graphic,line up all bolt holes and stick down. If the bolt holes don't line up pull the graphic off and re-align. You can also tape the edges to steady the graphic in case it slips when installing.

Step 3 Slowly peel off backing paper in 10mm increments rubbing down the graphic withyour thumbs, ensuring you remove any air bubbles.

Step 4 Do not use heat guns, and avoid using hair dryers as much as possible. Always be careful when heating as overheating the graphic can cause the material to warp or stretch out of shape.

Step 5 Always trim all edges that overhang or lift, as if the graphic is not aligned correctly it will get dirt underneath and may cause the graphic to lift.

Step 6 Always allow at least 48 hours for the sticker to bond correctly to the plasticbefore riding or washing your bike.

* Do not use mineral turpentine or other cleaners
* Do not use heat guns

WARRANTY: As this is a custom made product especially for your use and can be difficult to install, we can only warrant products with manufactory defects.

PLEASE be careful when installing your new graphics! Contact us if you need further advice on installation.


Jersey Prints

Please Note: Your Jersey Print will have a clear backing and a clear plastic front. You need to peel of the backing plastic to start.

Step 1  Place jersey print on a flat surface (that can withstand heat of an iron)

Step 2  Peel away frosted plastic backing sheet from jersey print.

Step 3  Place jersey print in aligned position on jersey.

Step 4  Have iron on cotton setting or similar and allow it to heat up.

Step 5  Once iron is heated, press iron on all sections of jersey print to ensure glue is melted and sticks to the jersey while focusing on smooth application on all areas. (can be upto 10-15 seconds on each area)

Step 6  Ensure a focus on sharp corners and edging to avoid lifting and tearing.

Step 7  Don’t worry if wrinkles appear on the front laminate, this is part of the process.

Step 8  Once completed peel away front laminate slowly and carefully, ensuring no edging is lifted, if so re-iron problem areas whilst laminate is still covering

Step 9  After front laminate is peeled, place a piece of baking paper over front of jersey print and iron out any wrinkles that may exist

Step 10 You are now completed

Warranty As this is a custom made product especially for your use and can be difficult to install, we can only warrant products with manufactory defects.